Jenny's Leaving Chicago

Jenny's Leaving Chicago
Taken at my Back On The Market Party. I'm obviously saying something amazing.

We're just going to make this a quick one.  I had a going away party last night and my brain is a little........fried.

I am colon-open-parentheses!  Last night was Jenny's last night in Chicago before heading out to start a new life back in her hometown.  Since she has been my longest standing friend in Chicago, I'm giving her the proper send off blog-style.

Jenny and I met in our youthful Ann Taylor days.  She was friends with a guy I was dating who also worked with us.  When we broke up, I claimed custody of Jenny and we've been inseparable ever since.

We've been with each other through bogus relationships, flings, triumphs and defeats.  We've eaten countless bowls of chili, earned a reputation in her building for our insane laughter and wobbled on heels through every night scene in Chicago.

I'll miss you girl!  But...I'll see you in Dubuque for Halloween!

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