Girl Crush Gallery: 10 Sexy Chicago Chicks

If I had some sort of Freaky Friday moment and was forced to change lives with another gal for a day, I would gladly choose any of these ladies.  I'm totally crushing on these ten beautiful, talented and interesting women.  Seriously, girls, stop making me look like a sluff!



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  • ^^^ Not impressed.

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    I agree. I personally know 10 girls I could replace these with.

  • I guess that's why these are MY girl crushes.

  • Veronica Muratagh isn't "literally" rottweiler testicles. That would be weird and gross but, I suppose, impressive for a set of genitals to have accomplished so much.

  • In reply to hechanova:

    You obviously haven't met Veronica! Lol :)

    Calling someone the Rottweiler's Bollocks is a Britishism that I find hysterical. What does a dog like more than anything in the world? His balls. And who has a pretty big pair? A Rottweiler. Basically, it's just a way to say something is really freaking awesome. In Spain, they say "la punta de Madre." Same idea...just a little more crass.

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