#CubicleDanceParty, feat. Joshua "Zeke" Thomas

#CubicleDanceParty, feat. Joshua "Zeke" Thomas
Joshua "Zeke" Thomas - Let's get it!

Date: Thursday, September 22     Time: 2:30 p.m.

Location: Top Secret...keep reading for more details.

This week, we welcome Zeke Thomas as our guest DJ at #CubicleDanceParty.  I met Zeke during this weekend last year at Indiana University.  He was dj-ing my very first (at 25...I know, I know...I went to college abroad...and I was not that cool in high school) frat party and let my friend and I sleep on his couch for one of the most insane 24 hours I've ever partied.  Key moment of the weekend: DJ Benzi telling my friend and I that if we see Mike Posner in a ditch somewhere that we pick him up and bring him home.  It was that kind of night.

Since then, Zeke has continued to flourish.  Zeke was mentored in radio by the likes of Guy Black and Angie Martinez.  Zeke’s musical talent crosses all genres from hip-hop to Top 40, Rock and house music.  After honing his craft with the best, Zeke quickly booked residencies at the hottest nightclubs and celebrity special events from LA to NYC and Miami since the age of 17. Zeke is not only a great entertainer and DJ, but also a well- rounded business man.  A few career highlights include: Official DJ of The Indy 500 Race Party, 2011 NBA All Star Official DJ and Jared Evan Tour DJ.  Zeke made his Chicago debut about a year ago at Underground.  This kid's the shiz.

This Turntable.fm event is by invite-only!  To get the secret url, do one of the following:

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Need a preview of DJ Zeke?  Here's his Beach Juice Mix...enjoy!

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