Cubicle Dance Party, featuring PHNM

Cubicle Dance Party, featuring PHNM
Accidentally Sexy's Cubicle Dance Party guest DJ numero uno PHNM at work melting faces

UPDATE: That was FUN!  Thank you for everyone that joined.  We had a nicely packed room!  Check back next Thursday morning when I announce that afternoon's guest DJ.  We go live at 2:30 p.m. every Thursday.  See you there!

Thursdays kinda suck.  Statistically, more people are messing around online/not doing work on Thursday afternoons than any other time of the week.  Why not start the weekend off early without leaving your desk or looking unproductive? Enter Accidentally Sexy's Cubicle Dance Party on!

Every Thursday afternoon, I'll be spinning tunes with a guest DJ and leaving three seats open for you folks.  The rest of the room will be filled with fun people, good tunes and sass.  Forget Pandora!  If you've ever wanted to chat with some of Chicago's coolest DJs, this is definitely your chance.

The guest for this week's inaugural Cubicle Dance Party is PHNM.  A fresh resident of Chicago, Colin Rebey has hit the ground running. In the last past 6 months since arrival, Rebey has moved quickly in establishing residencies at some of the most highly populated clubs in Wicker Park, Wrigleyville, and downtown. He currently maintains 4 weekly residencies playing all genres and fulfilling the needs of any of his crowds whether it be the upscale downtown dinnertime crowd at Hub51 for his Friday residency or something a little more full throttle such as his 10pm-5am high energy sweat soaked Saturday night residency at evilOlive, one of Chicago's most talked about venues.

If you're new to, here are a few cool things to know about:

  • Every song that gets played can be voted on.  If enough people think a tune stinks, it gets kicked to the next DJ.
  • You can chat with other musically minded people and the DJs during the set.
  • You get a cool avatar and can upgrade if you earn enough points.
  • You have to know someone to get in.  You lucky ducks know me. :)

This event is by invite-only!  To get the secret url, do one of the following:

  • Follow me on Twitter
  • "Like" me on Facebook
  • Send me an e-mail: AccidentallySexy (at) gmail (dot) com

Party starts at 2:30 p.m.  See you there!
Any song requests?

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