Hump Day Soundtrack: 1+1 by Beyonce

Happy Hump Day, Chickadees!

Beyonce is pregnant and in the age of new media, that is old news by now.  What's great about the mega-relationship of Beyonce and H-to-the-O-V is how quiet they've been able to make their colossal coupling.  They are two independently enormous business/music powerhouses who have managed to somehow bypass the Bennifer curse. (Yep, do you remember when Bennifer was an actual term?)

It was very out of character for Beyonce and Jay-Z to announce their pregnancy in such a public way, but I kinda liked it.  I liked it, because you saw this couple have a real authentic moment.  When Beyonce throws her mic and unbuttons her jacket, you can see her take a big breath and realize "well, there will be no turning back after this." And then the cameras turn to Jay-Z who looks so unbelievably proud of his wife and "the love thats growing inside" her.

They have a respect not only for each other, but for their relationship and love, this beautiful "other" thing that somehow exists between two people.  It's so rare.  It's spectacular.  I want that.

I'm looking for a piece of that Bonny & Clyde:
Let's be honest, there were about a THOUSAND songs I wanted to post here.'s a few other links to get on with your baby making:

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