Sexy Rx: Sweat The Small Stuff At Hot Yoga

There is something so terrifically erotic about hot yoga.  Your skin drips with sweat and slips around on your mat.  Your eyes take on a stunning level of intensity and, I swear, mine get a deeper, darker, more crystalline shade of blue.  Your body gets heavy, but it's a good fulfilling heavy.  And the rush of endorphins from the heat, stretching, flipping upside down and pushing your body to fit into unfamiliar positions is addicting.  Hot yoga puts my thoughts in a very sexy place.


If that weren't enough, the 95 - 105 degree heat in the room opens up your pores and creates the smoothest, softest skin and a bright, clear complexion.  The workout is very intense, so it's a great place to tone and trim.  Plus, the mental discipline and physical exhaustion give you just the tools you need to make #ManFreeJan a success.

At the end of January, not only are you going to have your goals (career, finance, organization, whatever!) in gear, but you will be gorgeous!  You'll actually be re-entering the dating game levels above where you paused it.

To truly be sexy isn't about how many guys you can bag, but how fully you can become yourself.  If you bring the focus back to you, the rest of the world will follow.

Hit the jump for this week's Sexy Rx!

Your Sexy Rx:

The Spot: I've been to two hot yoga studios.  Currently, I'm practicing Vinyasa (super fast yoga where poses literally flow into each has more of a "work out class" atmosphere) at TruHarmony Yoga.  This fall, however, I tried Bikram at Chicago School of Hot Yoga.  It was extremely mentally and physically grueling, but I appreciated that level of discipline.

Pick-up Line That Just Might Work: Recite the entire first paragraph of this article.  Seriously.  Tell me that didn't make you a little hot...

Who You'll See: All varieties of body types and yoga levels.  It's mostly women, but TruHarmony seems to have a sprinkling of younger guys.  The best part is that hot yoga class is a great excuse to wear as little clothes as possible.  The room is sweltering, so you really can't wear much.

Romance Factor: 1/ theory, it would be a great place to pick guys up.  There just needs to be a few more there.

Couple Factor: 2/5...if you're coupled up, hot yoga is a great way to get yourself heated up...if you know what I mean.

Cinch The Deal: Pick up a Clif Bar or a coconut water and take a stroll around the neighborhood.  It'll help your body cool down and get your heart beating for a whole new reason.


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  • I tell myself that I don't enjoy hot yoga, yet after every class I feel amazing. As for meeting a guy after class, I would strongly recommend a shower first!!

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