Sexy Rx: #ManFreeJan home stretch

Four more days left in #ManFreeJan.  Just FOUR more.  This is probably the first time in my life where four sounds like an eternity.  This will be my biggest challenge yet.

For my ladies out there who've joined me in #ManFreeJan, it's time to start letting a little loose this weekend.  Flirt your faces off.  You've earned it.  BUT...don't fall back on your vices.

See if you can complete these five final weekend challenges:

  1. If there is a guy you are interested in, test yourself.  It's four days.  It's like when you really want something that is just a little bit out of your price range.  If you are still thinking about it after a few days, go back and buy the crap out of it.  Otherwise, no loss.
  2. Turn your phone off after 8 p.m..  It's going to be tough to pull through this weekend.  Remove the distraction.  I promise you that a missed booty call is not a missed opportunity.
  3. Look back at the goals you had at the beginning of the month.  Do whatever it takes over the next few days to either meet it or have everything in place to get it.  Don't walk into February 1 empty-handed.
  4. Every time you feel like you're about to crack, write it down.  After a few hours, look back at it. Consider what made you feel that way and if you think it was a good or bad idea to avoid acting on it.
  5. Hang out with your friends as much as possible.  Butterfly between different groups of friends.  Focus on the people that matter in your life and remind yourself that you are the farthest from being lonely.

It's almost over.  You can do it.  The guys you date in the future will thank you for it.


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  • Hi lover!

    Well...I didn't mention it here, because the recap is on Monday. You'll have to check back. :)

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