Project Listen To My Friends: The wingwoman


Samantha, The Ultimate Wingwoman

Samantha is the ultimate wingwoman.  I can't actually think of a night that I have hung out with her and not gotten some smoking hottie's number.  If that weren't enough, she's more than happy to set me up with her male's incredible!  Well, I'm not sure she actually intends to set me up with her male friends, happens...repeatedly...and the girl doesn't discourage it.  Love her!


Every girl should have a Samantha in her life.  Not only is she excellent at lobbing balls to the plate (my batting average is ridiculous with this girl), but she's in a long-term committed relationship (recently engaged...congrats!).  Every single girl should have a few good relationship examples in her life.  It's fun to run around town, but it's better to be reminded that sometimes it can actually work, be healthy and result in someone who is still tons of fun to be around.

Samantha knows what it means to make a relationship successful and she has a proven track record of knowing exactly what is attractive in a guy.

Who Should Ana Date:

The guy I see you with is kind of cool/edgy but not all the way. He doesnt try so hard or pretend to be something he's not, even if it's trendy. He's adorable but not pretty and does not spend more time on his appearance than you. Maybe some scruff, but not dirty. He has to have a dry sense of humor and doesnt take himself too seriously.
Based on my experience I think you should be with a guy thats a little older(ish)...maybe in his 30s? And have a good relationship with his mom or another woman in his life - aunt, sister, cat whatever...just some kind of close platonic relationship with a woman. This shows that he's sensitive and respectful, etc. He's an artist of some sort but maybe more in his spare time and he has a salaried 9-5 job that he likes.

Where Can Ana Find This Guy:

First Fridays at the Museum of Contemporary Art

The Road Test:

Samantha and I went to November's Bollywood-themed First Friday.  She's tall too, which means I got to wear some killer heels with my 60s coquette-style mini dress.  Two pairs of skyscraper legs always get attention.  When we got there, I was absolutely ASTONISHED by how "all out" the girls went for this party.  We're talking glammed to the max with prom hair and the works.  Honestly, there was an air of "trying too hard."  Drinks were on the expensive side, lines were long and slow, and, after waiting for my contact (since the MCA gave my friend and I tickets to the party), we starting exploring the party just as they were closing down the table where you could buy drink tickets.  All that combined to make a frustrated Ana.  Most of all, I am so freaking picky and attracted to such a tiny percentage of the population.  Going to an event like this, where I KNOW I am surrounded by dateable guys and yet wouldn't want to date them, really reminds me of that.  Despite that, there were a few pockets of gorgeous men.  When we first walked in, I exchanged smiles with a guy I would've married on site, but unfortunately we never ran into each other again!  He was tall, impeccably dressed and wearing thick frame glasses...drool!  I'd happily spot him again.

The Verdict:

The next First Friday is tomorrow and I think I'm going to try to go.  The music was fun and the scene was lively.  99% of the people going to the MCA's First Friday are trying to meet everyone knows the game.  I'm not sure this is where I would meet my ideal match, but it's a good night out.  I like the idea of meeting someone at an art/fashion/scene function, but I think I need something a little more VIP or edgy.  I'm attracted to guys who are creating/inspiring the scene, rather than following it.





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  • First Fridays has reduced the Museum of Contemporary Art into a den of ill repute filled with prancing harlots.


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