Sexy Rx: Speed Dating At Lumen

Sexy Rx: Speed Dating At Lumen
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Back in January, Stephen Markley, Elliott Serrano and I embarked on an epic date-a-palooza that will be forever remembered as the Accidental Threesome.  Quickly following that, I found myself tied to TDH in an LTR.  Well, I am single again folks and it's time to pick up where the threesome stopped.  How do you do that?  With an Accidental Orgy. Yes, Markley and I will be speed dating next Thursday.


I have never been speed dating, but the concept is pretty straightforward.  You get to go on a super short, timed date with every dude in the room.  At the end, you secretly pick your favorites.  If there are any matches, you recieve the other person's contact info.  I'm pretty bad at first impressions, so I'm mostly expecting to be chased away from the venue with pitchforks and torches.


This event has a pretty cool twist.  It's being hosted by Chevrolet for the all new Cruze, so the speed dates actually occur in the cars.  Get it, "speed" date!  Pretty cool, huh!  I was SUPER innocent in high school...but I hear cars are great places to "get to know each other better."  The people at Chevrolet Cruze have picked up the fee to attend and will also be handing out some pretty dope swag bags, two gratis drinks and free appetizers.

Your Sexy Rx:

The Spot: "Love in the Fast Lane" HurryDate at Lumen, 839 West Fulton Market, on Thursday, November 11. Sign up here!

Pick-up Line That Just Might Work: "As soon as I saw you, I knew I wouldn't be paying attention during any of my other speed dates."

Who You'll See: Stephen Markley, myself and B96's Stylz and Roman...other than that, no freaking clue who will come to this.  You might as well come to up the awesome.  Plus, I'm pretty sure watching me out on a date would be hilarious.

Romance Factor: 3/5...I guess everyone is there with one thing in mind, so that drives the idea in the right direction.  Plus, variety is the spice of life, right? 

Couple Factor: 0/ NOT come if you are in a relationship. Don't do it!!!!

Cinch the Deal: Hop over to Bottom Lounge for some chill atmosphere.  A great place to get to know each other more intimately.  Plus, you'll get scenester bonus points!


*Chevrolet is an Edelman client, but not an account that I am involved in.


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  • Sounds like fun. I'd go but chances are I'll end up going home with Markley...again. ;)

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