Project Listen To My Friends: The BFF

  • You can tell a lot about a girl from her best friend.  Together, they are the loudest, wildest, most outrageous versions of themselves.  The best friend knows ALL the secrets and is the first person any girl will call after a date.  She might not be the person to kiss and tell, but she will ALWAYS tell her best friend.  Jenny and I have regular total guy downloads over a cauldron of chili.  In short, you've absolutely got to get in good with the best friend. 


Both Jenny and I have had to push the other person aside to pursue what we thought were "forever" relationships.  Neither of us felt guilty doing it and neither of us were mad at the other.  You've got to do what you need to if you are in love with someone.  As soon as the relationships fell apart, however, we were back together like magnets.  The truth is that I am not willing to make that sacrifice again...especially if I am making the necessary steps to befriend their crew.  If a guy can't be cool with your best friend, he's never going to approve of that dimension of your personality.  A potential dude should be able to hang out with your best friend without a) perving on her, or b) acting unfriendly.  If you are making an effort with his friends (whether you like them or not), he should too.


Who Should Ana Date:

  • A DJ or musician
  • Clever with a wry sense of humor
  • Creative with a penchant for music and writing
  • Able to meld easily with Ana's friends
  • Someone who cooks and loves doing Ana's dishes


Where Can Ana Find This Guy:

  • Smaller venues where the boys are approachable like the Metro, Lincoln Hall and Schuba's
  • Maybe playing in a jazz band at lounges like the Green Mill
  • Hanging at the upstairs of Elbo Room where all the band members hang out before their shows


The Road Test:

  • The plan was to check out the Andrew WK show at House of Blues earlier this week.  Unfortunately (well, awesomely, really), my social calendar has been super packed.  When it came time to go to the show, all I wanted to do was go home and wash my laundry.  Honestly, I think a VIP pass looks sexier than diamonds.  I love that behind-the-scenes, fly-on-the-wall perspective, observing something great happening.  There's probably a part of me that would make an amazing biographer.


The Verdict:

  • The fact is that I have ALWAYS been attracted to musically talented people.  I've wanted to date a guy in a band since birth.  There is nothing sexier than a musically talented performer.  I've always been very into music...not necessarily the technical aspect, but more of the intensity you feel from listening to music or seeing it performed.  I used to do PR for a local Chicago band and, although I wasn't trying to date them, I got so energized off their passion, talent and drive.  There is just something about musicians that truly knock me off my feet.  And yet, I have NEVER dated a DJ or a guy in a band.  This is what I have always, always, always wanted and I have NEVER been able to achieve it.  I always date men that work in giant buildings downtown...maybe my bff is right...maybe this is where I'm going wrong?  Drake or Diplo, if you are reading this, my e-mail address is located on my About Me page.

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  • Ana, I would have been SO happy if you had titled this post: "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my BFF".

  • In reply to MattRyd:

    Not joking, I was subconsciously singing that song while writing this.

    Zig-a-zig, ah!

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