Sexy Rx: Wasabi Wednesday at Sushi Samba

Sushi Samba.jpg

(Photo Credit: To Myself For Being Awesome)This very dark picture is a glass and pitcher of Caipirinha, I swear!

I know that usually I use this space to recommend somewhere to go foxing over the weekend, however, I want to give you an early warning.  I think this warrants a spot on your to-do for next week.

I have been looking for a new midweek haunt and I think I've found it.  From ridiculously good duck croquettes to spicy tuna and salmon ceviche, Sushi Samba has you covered for chic little bites.  Add to that something delicious and dangerously drinkable and you're on to something.

As I've previously noted, I seem to have the strongest powers of attraction when I am having some sort of crazy issue with my eyes. For Jenny and I, all the best nights begin with this text, "Looks like this will be a one contact night."  Wednesday was one of those cyclops "might as well be wearing a blindfold" nights. 

Your Sexy Rx:

The Spot: Wasabi Wednesdays at Sushi Samba, 504 North Wells St. $20 (earlier price was a misprint) pitcher with purchase of $5 small plate deal starts at 10 p.m.

Pick-up Line That Just Might Work: "I paid my way through college as a naked sushi model."

Who You'll See: I was sitting right next to Manny Ramirez.  Apparently, he's a regular there.  How do I know this?  Well, people kept going up to his table to shake hands...the table on my other side was super psyched and kept saying his name...I had to google him, because I don't watch/care about sports.  I guess he plays baseball and is a big deal or something?  I also ran into my friend Marcus from NBC Chicago and Errol Dunlap, a nightlife photographer and friend of Stephen Markley.  I've also heard that the party is frequented by a few ladies from Playboy.  It was a really sexy scene and apparently I went on a slow night.  Picture men in suits and ladies in sky high heels.  I can't wait till next Wednesday!

Romance Factor: 5/5...great scene, candlelit tables, small sexy.

Couple Factor: 5/5...perfect power couple perching spot.

Cinch the Deal: Sharing a pitcher of Caipirinha should pretty much do the trick, but, if you need to keep the night going, step into SuperFunParty at JBar for mixes by DJ Million $$ Mano.


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  • Agreed & Agreed.

  • You are a lovely and graceful and funny writer. If you can't find a man then honestly who can? I will look for reports on your continuing romantic misadventures.

  • In reply to LiliaChacon:

    Whoever you are, you are my new best friend. Please say these things all the time :)

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