Sexy Rx:'s like Oktoberfest, but stylish

Remember last weekend when I went to Oktoberfest and had the most ridiculously awesome

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weekend?  Well, this weekend looks to be Part Deux.  Why?  Because it's being held by the fun times machine at Rockit (Hubbard) and Rockit Wrigley, it involves a 32 oz refillable stein that you get to keep (and I LOVE souvenior mugs...double w00t!) and the plate of five mini brats is out of this world!

Rockit is always on the Sexy Rx shortlist, but sometimes you need a "reason" to get out there.  Rocktoberfest is that reason.




Your Sexy Rx:

The Spot: Rocktoberfest at Rockit and Rockit Wrigley, Friday, October 1 - Sunday, October 3

Pick Up Line That Just Might Work: "Is your stein half full or half empty?  Either way, let me help you top it up." Alternatively, just tell people you are Billy Dec...that's what I do! (Joking!)

Who You'll See: Hotties.  Just a big room filled with hotties.  From designer jeans and casual cottons to pumps and couture, Rockit is like a secret garden of gorgeous.  Oh, and the occassional celeb!

Romance Factor: 4/5...let's be honest, the 32-oz steins will help, but generally Rockit is the ideal place to mix and mingle.  Pool tables and lots of open "excuse me, I'm trying to get by, but really am just trying to accidentally bump into you" space.

Couple Factor: 4/'s dark, cozy and will have a festive Rocktoberfest atmosphere, so you can hang out all day.  One of my favorite date spots!

Cinch The Deal:  If you're at the Wrigleyville location, check out Smart Bar down the block for some of the best djs in the city.  If you are on Hubbard, stop over at the nearby Jazz Record Mart and peruse albums to make sweet music by.

I have my giant stein ready and waiting. Will I see you there?

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