Sexy Rx: A Marathon Man

Sexy Rx: A Marathon Man

(Flickr: Mooney47) Isn't love supposed to be somewhat of a blur?

They say that the Olympic Village is the biggest hook-up spot.  All these athletes who have had to forfeit their social life to train are thrown together to release their pent up tension.  Add to that the adrenaline from participating in the Olympics and the fact that they all have ridiculous bodies.

Now I'm not saying that everyone who is participating in the Chicago Marathon completely gave up all fun while training, but I am saying that whenever a group of athletes get together in one place that things can get pretty awesome pretty fast.  Even if you're not running, watching the marathon is a guaranteed place to see a ton of people.

I registered to run the marathon earlier this year.  After dedicating myself to training and making some pretty great times, my knee started to give out on me.  My athlete ex-boyfriend and my marathon-running dad both told me horror stories of what I was doing to my knee.  I don't care, it shouldn't hurt my joints to climb the stairs at 26.  When it started hurting to wear heels, however, that's when I threw in the towel.  Nothing is going to take me out of stilettos. 

I do have that registration though...which means I have access to some of the pre- and post- fun...hmmmmmmm....

Even if my body says "no thanks", the Marathon Missfit has pushed through and will be making RedEye proud.  I couldn't be more excited to see her smash this thing.

Want to help an athlete blow off some steam this weekend?  Check out the Sexy Rx. 


Your Sexy Rx:

The Spot: If you're not running the Chicago Marathon, pick a spot along the route and set up camp.  I will be up near Belden in Lincoln Park, moving to mile marker 12 and hoping to see my faves at the finish line.

Pick-up Line That Just Might Work: "I like a guy who can run faster than I can." I stole this one from Gentleman Prefer Blondes, my favorite movie.  And really, the chase is pretty great.

Who You'll See: Everyone from world-renowned athletes to marathon first timers and their friends and family

Romance Factor: 3/5...well, you've got to do something to pass the time while you wait for your favorite runner.

Couple Factor: 2/'s always nice to do something active as a couple.  You do have to get out of bed early to go watch the runners, however.

Cinch The Deal: The weather is predicted to be one of the last beautiful summery days of the year.  Stake a place at one of the outdoor patios for a mimosa or five.  I'd recommend the brand new Henri near the finish line.



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  • I'm all verklempt. <3 Can't wait to see yo' finnne self cheering us on! =D

  • Hey! the comment cut off. It ended with I can't wait to see yo' fine self cheering us on! =D

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