Project listen to my friends: Who should Ana date?

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Alek: Ana, you need to date a blah, blah guy. ::voice that sounds like the teacher in Peanuts::, Ana: Ohhhhh...Alek.

Life is all about discovery. The only way you can grow is to continuously turn over the pebbles of your mind and discover what is under each and every one, how they connect, why they are there, what they mean. It's all one giant experiment.

One of the most interesting things when you look at your group of friends is that each one represents a different aspect of who you are. One friend might like fashion, the other might like the outdoors. One friend might be into art and the other likes to sing karaoke. No one friend sees the whole spectrum of who you are, because your sameness is highlighted when you are together.  Each friend views you at an angle and it is only in examining all of these angles that you can find that someone to share your full 360. 

It has become pretty apparent that I need to readdress the type of guy I allow into my life.  Recently, I approached a diverse group of my friends and posed to them these two questions.  1) Think about what you know about me and think what that type of person would be good with. Also think about the type of person you WANT me to be with, because he'll be in your life too, and 2) where would that guy hang out and what would he do in his free time.  

Each Thursday, I'm examining their responses and taking their suggestions for a very sexy road test.

First to the plate is Alek Babel, RedEye Royalty and my pretend big brother.  Alek and I are fully aware that we would never work out, because our super intense (read: bullheaded) personalities would eat each other, instead, we bypassed any sort of awkward boozy fumble and slipped straight into siblings.  Alek was a natural first choice.  Below are his responses.

Who Should Ana Date:

  • Intelligent
  • Witty, able to give and take friendly banter
  • Fashion Forward
  • Creative-type
  • An architect or designer

Where can Ana find this guy:

  • Coffee Shops around Jackson and Michigan.  The architects [Alek] knows thrive on caffiene.  This corner is near several firms, as well as, the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

Road Test:

  • I arrived downtown super early on Tuesday intending to check out several locations near that corner.  I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but the result was standing in a line of women and old men.  Maybe they were all architects?  I do not know.  Really, it's a high level of chance.  When was the last time you saw a line out the door of only age appropriate, attractive men who want to talk to you before they've had their caffiene.
  • The Chicago Architecture Foundation has a series of Lunchtime Lectures and afterwork programs.  Unfortunately, the tour of More cupcakes was sold sad!  I used my lunch break, however, to check out a Lunchtime Lecture.  Although very, very interesting and a nice workout for my art history degree, the average age of the audience was 8,000.
  • Not to be dissuaded, I reached out to my contact at the CAF who put me in touch with Jennifer Lucente, a stunningly gorgeous woman who spent a year traveling on every tour that the CAF offers.  If anyone knows where to meet an architect, it should be her!  Her friends had also thought that she would move to the city and be swept away by a handsome architect...and even after traveling on all of those tours, she has YET to go on a date with one!

The Verdict:

  • I can't really say if Alek was right or not as I'm yet to meet an architect.  His description, however, of what might work for me seems to be dead on for what I want.  I'm fully intending to continue to go to afterwork tours with the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  At the very least, man or no man, it's a dormant part of my personality that it felt amazing to bring back out.
  • As it turns out, one of my lovely friends knows a single, straight, attractive, tall architect that I think will be taking me on a blind date.  This could be interesting.


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  • Wow, thanks for the shout out!
    Excited to hear how your architect date goes. You should ask him his opinion on the renovation of Soldier Field, the Harold Washington Library, and the renaming of the Sears Tower. Those topics always seem to get architecture enthusiasts riled up...I can only imagine what an *actual* architect would have to say!

  • In reply to jlucente:

    I am 100% going to do that. I was actually planning to pull out my old art history books and do a little boning up!

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