Weekend Recap: They Should Sell My Brand Of Party In Stores



I think this place is called Mullen's, I think this shot is called a Lemondrop, I think I've never looked happier.

Wow.  I guess I'm really back into the swing of things.  I didn't push it, I waited for it and...wow...it paid to have patience with myself.  This was the first weekend where I really felt like I was over it.  I wasn't back to my old self, I was better than it.

This is how that went:

  1. As promised, I turned up to Oktoberfest ready to fox my big blue eyes off.  I quickly remembered exactly how much I hated crowds and lines.  Fortunately, Zach and Harvest Ale came to my rescue.
  2. At some point, I drew on a mannequin with a Sharpie.  It had something to do with a phone called The Streak by Dell.
  3. Me to Zach: "I'm not sure if that was more white or more gay."
  4. We realized it was only 7 p.m.
  5. Booze tour from Schuba's (they have Matilda's on tap!), Scarlet, Halsted's and Sidetrack.
  6. Traveled to a post-party in Wrigleyville for Ernest Wilkins' friend Hank, who will now be referred to as Tank, because he is built like one.  I seriously was waiting for him to start lifting up tables with his pinky or cage fight.  Hank's movie Farm premiered at the Chicago Horror Movie Fest.
  7. I get completely lost in a room of about 15 people trying to find my friends.  Ernest had to point and call my name at least 52 times while I just walked around the perimeter of a 10 x 10 bar.  My ability to locate people is REALLY that bad.  I have no chance of a career in mountain rescue.
  8. Hank the Tank and I exchanged really scary personal ghost stories.
  9. I gave a guy my number, which made me want to leave the bar immediately.  Guys make me nervous!
  10. Closed down the bar.
  11. I climbed into a car with five of Hank the Tank's friends and had to use every half second of yoga bendiness to Jenga my way on top of everyone's laps to fit.
  12. While laying across a bunch of strangers, I introduce myself to the guy cradling my torso.
  13. Tais Till Four...that was bound to happen.
  14. There are Cheezit's by my fish tank........
  15. I woke up naked next to a tub of hummus and a bag of celery.
  16. I facebook stalk the guy I gave my number to and he is cuuuuuuuuute.
  17. I didn't lose anything.  This includes my umbrella and my dignity.
  18. I have a date on Friday.
  19. From top to bottom, this weekend rocked my world...and I looked good doing it.

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

What did you get up to this weekend? 


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  • Man, your weekend sounds like it was AWESOME! Way to get back in the saddle! Keep it up and that boy will regret not being a man!

    My weekend sucked! I am trying to kick the bronchitis/sinus infection I got from the mold in my apartment (long story check twitter and facebook) and my bf had food poisoning from his trip to Mexico City. I could have used a weekend like yours but no energy to do it so I slept it away! :-(

  • In reply to brandiw60:

    Oh man!!! I'm sorry. There's always next weekend...that's the good thing about weekends :)

  • In reply to brandiw60:

    All I kept thinking while reading this entry was Eddie Murphy & Rick James "Party All The Time"!!! Hahaha!

    Well, I saw Emeril at Arlington Racetrack on Saturday, and then went rollerskating at a rink in Peoria on Sunday. I rEaLlY love to skate & hadn't done the rink in months. :-D

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