Sexy Rx: Oktoberfest...the last festival of the season!

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I started at RedEye last summer as its 50Fests correspondent.  I quickly found that going to Chicago festivals was an AMAZING way to meet single guys.  The season, however, is coming to a close this weekend, and all the Chicagoan boys and girls are starting to pair up for the long winter nap.  There are very few of these chances left before we all barricade ourselves behind closed doors and hundreds of layers of clothes. How are you expected to flirt with someone if your face is obscured by a giant scarf wrapped up to your forehead and a hat pulled down to your shoulders?!

Take advantage of these last few weekends, starting off by attending Oktoberfest...this week's Sexy Rx.

Plus, my mom's side is very, very German.  I LOVE sauerkraut, bratwurst (really any kind of wurst!), German Potato Salad (my mom makes the best!), oompah bands and beer from steins.  This festival might just produce my kind of guy!

Your Sexy Rx:

The Spot: Oktoberfest, 3000 N. Lincoln Avenue.  Friday, Sept. 24 - Sunday, Sept. 26

Pick-up Line That Just Might Work: Last year, one of the beer servers asked me if I wanted something "tall and imported."  Figuring it would be a German beer, I said sure.  He then responded, "Look no further, I'm right here."  If he hadn't been someone's grandfather, I would've been all over that line!

Who You'll See: 1st generation German-Americans, girls in St. Pauli Girl outfits, families and one very full, very happy Ana.  This fest and Mayfest remind me of my family reunions as a kid.  Plus, 16 Candles will be performing and I quite honestly can't get enough of them.

Romance Factor: 3/ gets pretty busy and crowded, but the time is right to strike at this one!

Couple Factor: 4/5...mark my words, this will be the weekend that summer romances turn into winter relationships.  Lock them down!

Cinch the Deal: After the last oompah has been played, keep the spark hot with a trip to Fritz Pastry for a macaroon and hot coffee in a cozy, homey setting.  Stake out a spot on the couch in the front or in the two deep seated chairs in the dark corner by the coffee.

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