Sexy Rx: Culture, Art and a Singles Meat Market


(Flickr Photo Credit: Banalities) Sculptures outside the MCA

There is a definite chill in the air today and summer is flickering to a close.  I've always found autumn to be electrifying.  Everyone's sense of romance is at a ten and as we add on layers of clothing, we are trying to spy a hibernation partner. 

Since you'll be stuck inside with just them for a number of very cold months, you'll probably want them to be mildly interesting...probably...maybe.  What better place to find that than at a cultural event or, as Stephen Markley described this week's Sexy Rx, a out-and-out "meat market" guised as a cultural event.

Your Sexy Rx:

The Spot: First Fridays at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  This month's theme is "The September Issue," which, as we all know, is the biggest. ;)  It's tonight.  Either buy your tickets online at a discount before 3 p.m. or buy them at the door.

Pick-up Line That Just Might Work: Jump behind the fashion karaoke photobooth, point at your target and laughingly say, "this one is for you," before launching into full Blue Steel.  This move could almost come with a guarantee.  It's goofy and breaks the ice in a fun way.

Who You'll See: The young, fashionable and, best of all, SINGLE and LOOKING!

Romance Factor: 4/5...meat market...I guess, this is less "romance" and more holy smokin' hook-up factor.

Couple Factor: 1/5...maybe check out one of the MCA's Jazz on the Terrance nights instead.

Cinch The Deal: You're close to everything.  If you've been hitting it off with someone, ask if they want to get a drink at the new Henri or head over to the gallery district in River North to do some window shopping.


Don't forget to tune into WGN-AM 720 tomorrow morning (Saturday, Sept. 4) at 10 am to hear me dishing on boys and breaking up.


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  • Oh, wow, I really miss Chicago and would certainly be there.

  • We heard you on WGN radio today. I hope you meet a great guy soon!! I LOVE First Fridays!! Being married, I never thought of it as a place where women went to meet men but I'll people-watch next time. Good hunting!!

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