Groupon Bets On First Date Success

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First dates are equal parts terrifying and thrilling.  Part of me is screaming without much reason...just an internal "OH HOLY CRAP!!!!!" panic attack.  The other part is really excited.  Every first date could be your last first date.  It's totally possible that you are about to embark on that wild, crazy love story that you've been wanting.  It could be this date.  It could be this guy.  Your single life could be over. (Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!)  Everything you have been looking for could finally be found. (Okay...deep breath...phew...yayyyyy!!!!)

Groupon has added an interesting wager to the first date craps table.  While I'm thinking "What can I wear that makes me look hot, but not like I tried to look hot...just, hey, I kinda threw this on and I always look this effortlessly gorgeous," and "Oh, I hope I don't throw up on him."  Apparently, there is this other segment of people who are thinking "What if this works out, we have kids and they're not quite smart/athletic enough, but we need to send them to college and want a discount."  Groupon is here for those people!  Use a Groupon on your first date, take a photo with the groupon and that day's paper while using the groupon, hold on to it for two decades, then when Junior is applying for college he can also apply for the Groupon scholarship.  I guess it's a good idea to plan ahead.

Groupon is really banking on those crazy kids who see every first date as a telescope to at least twenty years down the line...or that 2012 ends the world and they don't have to pay up.  Either way, if that first date doesn't turn out, at least you saved some money!

Looking for a like minded frugalista/whatever-the-masculine-version-of-that-world-would-be, Groupon will help you out with some handy matchmaking for interested members.  Just sign up with this here and check it out!  Is there anything that Groupon can't do?


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  • If you are looking for an amazing first date spot to see if your date is fun or not check out a raunchy bingo event. I took my first lover there to see if she was down with getting raunchy, basically to see if she could hang and we had a blast! Cllybar hosts this event with Kinky Minx on Thursdays at 9 pm!

  • Groupon has certainly changed the group-buying and daily deal field by launching their new Groupspawn site. They'll be getting more business then ever now that people will be searching for the perfect deal for their first date.

    A great way to find deals and sales in your area is by using They compile a list of the best buys and email them to you daily, ensuring you won't miss out on a great opportunity!

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