Sexy Rx: Kim Kardashian and The Revenge Body

Sexy Rx: Kim Kardashian and The Revenge Body


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(Getty) Kim Kardashian making Reggie Bush eat his words.

Everytime a celebrity goes through a break up, they make a comeback on the front of US Weekly with a banging new "Revenge Body."  Think Jennifer Aniston post-Brad or Kate Plus 8 minus the John.

Honestly, with the amount of times that Kim Kardashian has "lost 15 lbs," she should be nothing but a pair of false eyelashes by now.  Nonetheless, maybe I should jump onboard.  At least that gives me a positive place to focus.  Basically, if I ever find myself making a terrible mistake and drunkenly appearing in a hot tub with the cast of Jersey Shore, I don't want to be referred to by anyone except "really smoking hot," rather than emotional eating myself into grenade launcher status.

I wrote a few months ago about fitting into a pair of black jeans by toning up the "sexy" way.  It's time to revisit that plan.

The next guy is going to have it even better.




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  • You go girl! Make that other boy drool and think twice as to why you two broke up. Eat your heart out stupid boy, AS is back in town and is out to break some hearts of her own!!!

  • We are sooooo getting on this band-wagon. Not only am I going to sign up for some Yoga Booty Ballet classes at Indigo with Angela (one of the BEST YBB instructors-well, they all are fyi) but also I just got an email from VitalJuice Chicago about the new Barre Bee Fit classes on Lasalle/Kinzie :

  • Two words: Pole dancing
    So let it be written, so let it be done

  • Go Ana!

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