Shaping Up The Sexy Way

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Dear Black Jeans Folded in My Closet, I will defeat you. I will wear you with chucks in a month. You're probably not even in a cut that I like that much, but I will wear you!!! Accidentally, Ana (Pictured: Old Navy Skinny Sweetheart Jeans)

It's summer...finally!  In 27 short days, I am landing on the shadier side of my 20s.  It's time to get focused.  I'm done saying "I will" and "I want," so I'm changing that to "I am."  First up, I am going to fit into those black jeans in my closet and I am giving you the chance to amp up your sexy with me.  (That's right.  This post includes a giveaway!)

How do the Accidentally Sexy ladies of this world shape up for summer?  The sexy way...duh!  Let's be honest, I'm not giving up my stilettos and Veuve...and neither should you!

The Diet: Eat foods that make you pretty.  It seems that everytime I forbid myself from something, I just want it that much more (cupcakes, hitting the snooze button, a whole chocolate fountain to myself, Michael Buble...)  I suck at self denial. Instead, I'm going to focus on eating foods that make my eyes brighter, hair shinier and skin softer.  If eating a carrot gives me hair like Giselle and eating a bearclaw gives me the complexion of roadkill, I'm going to eat more carrots!

The Workout: Anything that works up a sweat, but also helps you become a sexier person.  For example, the Yoga Booty Ballet at Indigo has the word booty in it for goodness sakes!

The Finish Line: June 23, my birthday

The Giveaway: My mistake is about to become your lucky day!  I bought two 5-class cards from Groupon for Indigo Studios, but didn't realize that I can only use one.  In the comment section, give me your favorite "healthy living" tip.  For example, every morning I drink warm water with lemon.  I will select someone at random and the card will be all yours!  Click here for the Terms & Conditions.


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  • Good luck!! I love the line about eating foods that make you pretty. My healthy living tip is that I drink 2-3 Liters of Water a day. I feel more awake, much prettier and healthier when I do so. It's awesome!

  • I started boot camp about 4 weeks ago and I push myself every time to do at least 10 more reps per exercise during the work-out. I can now do 50 push-ups without stopping. If you can't do 10, do 1, 2, just do more. I feel so much better after! And good luck you can do this!!!!

  • It might sound silly, but I believe one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is to get enough zzz's. The days where I settle into bed much too late (from trying to finish a work project or just watching too much Real Housewives), I notice a significant impact on my overall health. Not only am I an Oscar the Grouch clone, I feel mores stressed and my energy levels are low. I'm less likely to get in a good workout and more apt to pick up an unhealthy snack since I'm just too tired.

    Also, and this is a bit tricky - it is key to go to bed and wake up around the same time every day. It really can make a difference, although it takes some discipline.

    They say you can sleep when you're dead, but I say you'll live a much longer life if you achieve necessary rest!

    Good luck with everything!

  • I go skating (inline) at least once a week, but I'd like to go more often. Most, if not all of the time I skate, I'm playing hockey, which is a great workout in and of itself. But my daily healthy habit is drinking at least one 20 oz. bottle of orange G2. Full of electrolytes and low on calories, it always gives me a little pick-me-up when I'm feeling tired mid-day. It also does a good job of quenching any thirst I may be feeling.

  • Good luck Ana! Is this a competition between you and the #geeky? Because then we'll have to pick teams to root for....

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