RedEye's Bachelor of the Week: Prancing Is Accidentally Sexy

Who would've known prancing was such a sought after boyfriend skill?  If the RedEye Bachelor message boards are to be believed, prancing is pretty nearly the key distinction between boy and man.  Surprising?  Well, I guess Fred Astaire and Justin Timberlake have made livings off of it.  This week's RedEye Bachelor of the week is James Popp.

James Popp.JPG

Hit the jump for more reasons to bat your lashes and pout your lips at this Wicker Park "yupster."

1) Glasses.  I don't think I can really express how sexy glasses are.  My children have no chance.

2) Quirkily provocative.  As "Ben" points out on the comment board, "Is he taking his shirt off...putting it back on...the suspense!  In a bar, no less.  I know loads of people who could go for such joie de vivre!"

3) His look is interesting and unique as "clevelandrocks" notes, "Definitely James.  He has a great, big smile...and sort of a yuppy/hipster (yupster?) kind of look to him [...] So where can I meet this guy?"

I've got good news for you clevelandrocks, the RedEye bachelors and bachelorettes will be on parade with yours truly and Metromix's Ernest Wilkins at Bin 36 on Wednesday, May 12.  RSVP here and bring your friends...after all, nothing goes better with wine than a meat market.


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  • Every once and a while something happens to reassure my faith in humanity. This is one of those things. I will tell my grandchildren about this momentous event.

  • Great choice!

    And I will definitely be at the Metromix event :)

  • I'll be there. Great choice!!

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