Stephen Markley Conned A Book Deal...And You Can Too!

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Only ONE left on Amazon!

Apparently, anyone can write a book these days, even super hot makeout hooches like Stephen Markley.  I know!  I'm as confused as you are!  Okay, okay...I might be a little bitter.

In reality, I can't wait to start reading Stephen Markley's Publish This Book.  Not only is Stephen the dirty jeans and t-shirt wearing brooding bro that you hate to love, but he also appears to be an 80 year old crumudgeon who is trapped in a muscley 20-somethings body.  In short, this book will seem like completely made up crap, but I can vouch for the fact that it is truly Markley.

It seems like the sort of book I'd want to read while lying on the beach or have peeping out of my tote on the bus.  It's the type of book that says to a guy, "this girl understands me."  Markley is the guy who says everything other guys think, but have too much tact, common sense or life aspirations to actually verbalize.  He is their unsung hero of douche-dom.  Being seen reading Publish This Book is pretty much the dating equivalent of a taser gun...all defenses down!

As I said before, apparently anyone can write a book...even Markley's publisher are slowly realizing that.  I guess they figured, "hey...we let one slip through the cracks...let's make it look like this was all part of the plan..."  For a limited time, they are allowing you to submit your pitch for a book and promise to, at least, provide feedback...if not that illusive book deal.

Potential titles:

  • D-bag Diaries
  • Confessions of a Creeper
  • How To Scare Young Whippersnappers

...wait...sorry...these were all alternative titles to Publish This Book.

Because any event where Markley and I are together turns out to be a very hazy, but completely awesome should DEFINITELY come to the book launch tonight at McFadden's.  $15 gets you booze/food package, a live Markley reading and my company!

P.S. If you see Markley at a bar...and he mentions he is a published author...he is hitting on you.


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  • Well done, Fernatt. You either sold me a bunch of books or wrecked my best pickup line--possibly both, which I would take.

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