Pets and Dating

A year and a half ago, I broke up with my boyfriend and realized that I needed something else to nurture that wasn't going to behave like a complete idiot.  My dog had died earlier that year and I didn't want to rush into another pet relationship until I knew I was ready for the commitment and responsibilities.  I loved my little cocker spaniel without bounds, but I noticed that being petless meant that I could go out for drinks immediately afterwork rather than rushing home to let her out or I could stay out with a guy I'm dating without feeling guilty.

While perusing the classifieds, and local pet stores, I began to realize that my pet choice would directly effect my dating options.  My plan: get a pet that was somewhat unusual...I could totally be the quirky girl with the xyz.  "Quirky" is so much better than "lonely."

Has your pet ever effected your game?


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  • Your hamster is a guinea pig. What do you think he's rocking to? I'm guessing Stone Temple Pilots (Guinea Pigs love Scott Weiland).

  • When you got her, did you realize that owning a bunny would become your defining characteristic?

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