Chiditarod in Chicago: RedEye vs. Metromix

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( This shopping cart is already having more fun than I am.

As you may have already realized, I never turn down a challenge or chance to try something new.  Never.  When RedEye intern Katie Rogers asked me to join her on the Chiditarod to annihilate Metromix and the sinister Ernest Wilkins, I didn't even ask questions.

You're smarter than me, however, and probably would have asked what exactly the Chiditarod is.  Well, it is an urban scavenger hunt/bar crawl/food drive somehow involving shopping carts and costumes.  In a (two) word(s): no idea.  The Chiditarod is run with the same intensity as the Illuminati.

Not really knowing what I was doing, however, has not really stopped me from starting the smack talk throw down (surprise!).  @Henjealy, RedEye Royalty and my Chiditarod teammate, and I have made a list of race day wishes.:

    1. Metromix's theme is the Village People.
    2. If not the Village People, their theme is the various stages of Britney Spears.
    3. Ernest Wilkins (in Village People or Britney garb) does a pole dance to this song.
    4. Since boys refuse to use maps, the Metromix team is found a week later in Wisconsin eating the canned kidney beans they collected for the food drive.

If even one of these things HALF happen, I might be set with my laughing quota for life.

Help us take these guys down!!!!!

    1. The Chiditarod is a mobile food drive.  Our team needs to collect AT LEAST 40 lbs worth of food.  Show up with canned, high protein goods, such as peanut butter, tuna or beans.  We have some RedEye swag and I will be there to dole out hugs and pose for pictures :)
    2. If you can't show up, you can give money to the cause on our donation page.

The race begins at 12:30 p.m. and runs rampant throughout Bucktown.  You can meet us at the start line or just follow our tweets and catch up with us at one of the various bars along the route...yes...we will be drinking the whoooooooooole time.  We should be crossing the (still secret location) finish line somewhere from 2:30 to 4:30.  I'm counting on you guys!

Plus, our team is dressed up in a someone's fetishy fantasy theme, cleverly guised as wordplay.  Don't miss it! 


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  • Can't believe I am missing this too=( Good luck everyone!

  • I don't want to call you a liar, but the race didn't even come close to Bucktown.

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