You Voted and Chose The Next Buble - The Results

As you surely know by now, Michael Buble is engaged, thereby, negating my long-standing Michael Buble rule.  Even while meeting him in the elevator, my girl code kept me grounded.........and his amazing looking South American model/actress girlfriend kept him from noticing/caring.

Rather than wading aimlessly through the singles pool, I turned to you to pick my next rule-worthy ultra-celebrity.

The votes have been counted....drum roll, please....

Jake Gyllenhaal


That's right.  My sights are now set on Jake Gyllenhaal.

Reasons why we would be awesome together:

  • He's artistic and willing to take on daring roles.
  • We're both tall.
  • He's funny...or at least, I bet he is...I don't really care, I will laugh at whatever he wants me to laugh at.
  • He kinda looks like my kindergarten boyfriend.
  • He knows what it's like to kiss Heath Ledger and I wish I knew what it was like to kiss Heath Ledger.  I'd pretty much be kissing Heath Ledger by association.

The one drawback is that I'm not that interested in actors.  I like musicians.  If Jake Gyllenhaal and I were dating, I'd probably still have a Drake rule before I'd actually take it serious.........

Let's be honest, I have a Drake rule right now.

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