Reasons for the Rule: I Met Michael Buble Last Night

You are never going to believe this.

Last night, I went to meet my day job client for birthday drinks at ROOF on top of theWit hotel.  She called me earlier that week to tell me Michael Buble was having a private concert at theWit in conjuction with 109 The Mix.  I'm a hardcore Drex in the Morning fan, so I hadn't heard about the promotion until it was far to late to do anything about it.  In either case, she still wanted to have drinks at ROOF.

I wanted to be anywhere else in the whole wide world.  Yeah, he's hot and yeah, he's Michael Buble.  But he's engaged the market.  It's like starving for days and seeing a steak dinner, but not being able to touch it.  He was the last person in the world I wanted to see.

I needed to leave early to catch Black Violet with my friend at the Chicago Cultural Center.  It took FOREVER to get an elevator down.  I probably pushed the button 18 different times and nothing showed up.  Finally, I get on an empty myself...



( Not theWit...but just Twilight Zone enough for this story.

I begrudgingly pushed Level 1.  I say "begrudgingly", because that's the same floor as State/Lake...where my client told me the concert was.  All I could think was "Please, don't let me see him.  Please, don't let me see him" and then "I wonder how they're taking him down to the concert?  Probably a service elevator?"  Just as I thought that...and I mean JUST as I thought that...the elevator doors slowly open and who should walk on?????  That's right...Michael Buble.  That.  Just.  Happened.

I said "hi", but honestly didn't even want to "try my hand."  I have too much girl code...ugh!

Things that were running through my head for 20 floors with me, Michael Buble and two handlers:

  • Why is he engaged?!?
  • Wow...he's actually kinda short and skinny!  I'm 5'10", he must be exactly that.
  • His hair is really pointy.  I would definitely give him some Hair Action.
  • No one is ever going to believe me...I really want to get a picture on my bb for the post I am OBVIOUSLY writing tomorrow...but I don't want to be that girl who corners you in the elevator with her camera phone!
  • Omg.......I hope he hasn't been reading any of my recent hating posts...especially the one where I call him Boooooble.  Please, oh please, don't know who I am.  I literally sent a Foursquare tweet about 20 minutes earlier from ROOF saying that I was "hating on Booooble."  And earlier that day, put something similar in Show Patrol's comments.
  • Wow, I have managed to keep my clothes on.
  • I am sooooooo glad I put on make-up and did my hair today.
  • Really?  This is one of the three days a year I am wearing jeans and sneakers?!
  • There is a REASON for the Michael Buble rule!!!!!!!  You never know when you are going to run into this person.  You better really like the guy you are with or you need to be single and stay on the pursuit of happiness. 

Things I learned:

  • Every day when you wake up, realize that this could be the best day of your life.  Be prepared to take it for all its worth.
  • No regrets.  Make sure that you always act accordingly.
  • Always look your best.  If I hadn't been wearing make-up or had my hair in a ponytail, I would probably want to take a really, really long swim in Lake Michigan.
  • Aim high in love/relationships.

The greatest part is that immediately following this, I had to sit through a two hour artsy film at the Cultural Center.  Typically, this sort of this is right up my alley.  I was so distracted!  Between sharing an elevator with my ultimate lust and having to be quiet and disconnected, I had time to make only TWO calls and send ONE tweet....that is all!

Me and my stupid morals!!  I should've gone back to the hotel and clawed down his door.  Forget girl code!  Alas, here I am...always making the right decisions and trying to coax karma in the positive direction.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm in the Truman Show.


Best response ever comes from @newetiquette who suggested the following:

  •  You should have imprisoned him Boss Hogg style and made him sing for his freedom.

Now, why didn't I think of that?



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  • Ana, only wonderful/hilarious/ridiculous things like this happen to you.

  • Ana, Michael Buble is my Michael Buble and I am so very jealous of you right now. You should have told him about your pet bunny. Missed opportunity!

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