Is Love A Drug

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Love is the ultimate high.  It requires you to completely and totally release all of your boundries, borders, walls and ego to give yourself blindly to another person.  It is equal parts terrifying and thrilling.  Consider any crush you have ever had.  That little thrill you have when they walk into a room or the first electrifying kiss.  Now, magnify that times a billion and think of it as a sustainable, lifelong rush.  Is that what love is?

The day after I posted my super emo tweet, I stumbled upon a talk on TED about how the brain reacts to the emotion of love.  According to anthropologist Helen Fisher, the brain in love stimulates the exact same areas of the brain as cocaine.  You crave that person.  Your brain is instructing you to keep that high.  But...if you have chosen your match incorrectly and that love disintegrates...your brain reacts in the same way as those suffering from withdrawl.  As Helen Fisher says, "you just love them harder."

If you have stared in the face of love or held it in your hands right before it burst, the withdrawl is so intense that you may swear to never love another person.  This is only a natural reaction to want to protect yourself.  If you touch a flame, you remember that next time it will burn you.  You still light candles, but you keep them at a distance.  I put a very high value on this idea of love and have never said that to a guy before.  I have, however, come very close to it.  That first intense brush has never left me.

Considering the way the brain wants you to love and actually makes your body ache for it, why would any couple who professes to be in love ever split up?  Your body tends not to sabotage itself.  Either one of you was not actually in love and someone is initiating the break up or you are making things more difficult for yourself than necessary and you should just stay together. 

The fact is that real, true, raw love doesn't ever leave you.  You BOTH feel it.  You have to let go of everything that scared you before and never look back.  Everything you've had until then was a placebo.


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  • That's deep. I'm always mystified by "hopeless romantics." You know the type. The people who are always falling in and out of love -- I have no idea how the human soul could sustain such madness. I try to be levelheaded these days -- not the most exciting philosophy ever, but it works for me. Good post, Ana.

  • From this post I'm not sure that you've ever been in love. Or done cocaine. Or done cocaine off someone you loved.

    And I sincerely hope to never hold the face of love in my hands right before it bursts. Sounds like a mess.

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