I Need A Valentine



FACT: Valentine's Day is the biggest break-up day of the year.  If it's a long term relationship, they may have been trying to "make it through the holidays."  Many times, it's the newbies who rushed into something in desperation before the winter freeze.  In both cases, couples see the day of hearts and roses approaching and can't stand the thought of going through the motions and shelling out the cash for the other person.  No, I don't want to get a bear that says "I love you" in five languages, I want to punch you in the face.

In high school, my mom actually cut out a comic from the newspaper and handed it to me over breakfast one morning saying, "I saw this and thought of you and your best friend."  The strip depicted two girls in a hallway looking at a row of lockers.  Every locker, except two, was literally bursting at the seams from red and pink heart cards.  One girl says to the other, "I wish it was harder to spot our lockers on Valentine's Day."  This pretty much sums up my experience.

I have only had a boyfriend once over Valentine's Day.  Unsurprisingly, as he seems to pop up in all my stories, it was Kent.  Even though we'd only been an official couple for about a month, I was still pretty excited to have someone on Valentine's Day.  Kent, however, is one of the smartest people I have ever met...definitely something that attracted me to him.  The downside is that he overthinks EVERYTHING.

I understand that we were newly exclusive.  I understand that most of the cards and gifts have "I love you" all over them.  I wasn't expecting a diamond ring!  But, I also wasn't really expecting the super cute handmade card he sent me to be countered by the Dora the Explorer card he sent my dog.......

As much as people hate on Valentine's Day for being a commercial holiday and that you should be romantic all year rather than on a specific day, it's nice to have a day that's dedicated to the romance you share with someone.  I don't think anyone will ever get tired of hearing, "it's you.  I pick you."

Will you be my Valentine?


If you want to catch me out tonight, I will be at One Night Stand at the Metro, followed by Flosstrapromus at Lincoln Hall.  Then, my extremely foxy older sister is coming in for the weekend.  Check my Twitter for updates!

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