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Are you looking for a roommate?  Because I am lonely living by myself and need one.  Chicago's rent prices can be pretty intense.  Not only does a roommate (or better yet, group of roommates) insure that you have a nicer apartment and better amenities, but you also have someone to shoot the breeze with while watching tv or bask in your hungover glory on a Saturday morning.  My move-out date is mid-April to May 1, so let's get together!

Things you should know about me before signing on the dotted line:

  1. I'm awesome.  Seriously, I think I could possibly be the best roommate in history.
  2. I like to bake...a lot.  Living with me will pretty much guarantee a continuous supply of cookies, cakes and breakfast treats.  My roommates in college used to joke that they knew I was coming up on an exam or essay, because I'd be baking at 3 a.m.
  3. I'm a pseudo-local-celebrity.  You could tell all your friends that you were living with Accidentally Sexy...lucky you!
  4. I like to go out in my city and have a reputation for knowing the best djs, parties, hidden gems and local secrets.
  5. I listen to DreX every morning.  My radio alarm goes off at 6 a.m. and I listen to it until I leave for work.
  6. I'm a really good wingman. 
  7. I have a gigantic, 10 lb lop earred rabbit that is the size of a Yorkie.  She stays in her cage during the day, but when I'm home I let her out.  She's completely litter trained and very friendly.  It's a "quirky" attribute, but it'd be awesome to have a room mate that liked the bunny.


What I'm looking for in a roommate(s):

  1. Don't be crazy.  I can't handle that.
  2. Someone who I could totally call on my way home from work and meet at a bar.
  3. Social and friendly.
  4. Employed and able to pay rent, bills, etc.

I'm totally serious, ya'll.  Let's be roomies!  If you already have a place and I could just move in, that would be pretty cool!  AccidentallySexy@gmail.com

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  • OMG, I must see this rabbit...

  • Eeyore is adorable :)

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