Five Best Types of Pre-Action Action

It's February...whether you want to call it a dumb, commercial holiday (read: no one likes you) or the most important day of the relationship year (I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say you love the Jonas Brothers)...Valentine's Day is on its way.  To get your minds headed in the awesome direction, I've pulled together a list of the five best, underestimated forms of pre-action action.

Practice on your guy...or practice on your one's judging...

What's your favorite pre-action action?  (LET'S KEEP IT CLEAN!!!)


Oh...and apparently Michael Buble is in town tonight...or, as I will forever call him, Boooooooble.  I thought that night meant something!  And by "that night", I mean when I went to your concert two years ago and sat way up in the nosebleeds.  I know I brought a date with me, but I was thinking about you the whole time!!  So, Messr. Booooble, (he's Canadian, ya'll) I'm going to try out this action on some other dude up against the doors of State/Lake tonight...sorry, but the Ana-train has left the station!!

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