Two Dates, One Girl: My Revenge On Michael Buble's Engagement



Well, Michael Buble is engaged.  I guess his beautiful Argentinian fiance defeated Buble's Ana Fernatt rule...AND since I'm all "give credit to the girl who put in work," I must humbly bow out from my ten-point plan to seduce Buble at his concert in March.  I'm sure I can return the handcuffs and bounteous amounts of booze for store credit.

At least, I have two super hunks vying for my attention in Chicago.  Suck on that, Buble!  Sure, it has turned into some sort of "out-geeking" competition.  They sure know how to impress a lady? (That question mark is intentional...imagine me shrugging and looking befuddled.)  And our appearance on WGN this Saturday was seeping in chemistry...between Elliott and Markley.  (Side note: I'm pretty sure Elliott brought a copy of his Xena book for me and that Markley entranced Elliott with his big blues before I got to the studio and stole it!)

This must be how Archie felt when he'd have to switch gears between baking cookies with Betty and an evening of mayhem with Veronica.  I was always on Team Betty, but I wanted to be Veronica.

Elliott, the classic puppy-eyed geek with a heart of gold, and Markley, the misunderstood, brooding bad boy, have both suggested a few itinerary ideas.  Elliott's date would involve the most thoughtful, interesting and fun ideas I've ever seen.  Markley wants me to burn him with cigarettes.  Both are enticing options...and hey, I have some Black & Milds kicking about from the last time I went to Walgreens after midnight.  My dad reads this blog, however, and I don't have the energy or space to hide him during the inevitable manhunt.

Here's what I propose for Saturday, January 16:

Date 1: Accidentally Geeky

First, I want to give Elliott credit for pulling together what will from now on be termed as "The Best Date Ever."  The plan is to meet up at the Lincoln Park Zoo for a behind-the-scenes tour.  Afterwards, Elliott will sweep me off my feet for a rousing game of Rock Band at Mother's Too.  Finally, we will head to Challenger's Comics and Conversation for the Education of Ana.

::Eight cans of Red Bull and changing my clothes as I will now smell of crocodiles and rock-n-roll, ie. Ode du Steven Tyler::

Date 2: Markley and Me

Markley and I will get some coffee and culture at the Art Institute, followed by a stroll to Garrett's for some classic Chicago caramel corn.  At this point, we will have worked up an appetite from all the making out.  So, we'll head to Rockit Wrigley for dinner, drinks and a possibly check out the weekly "TweetandRockIt" tweet-up upstairs.  Finally, we'll cab over to Faith & Whiskey for a special tasting of their new whiskey cocktail menu...bonus points for the bar being close to our apartments.

Because we're fancy pants bloggers and apparently everyone in Chicago is worried about my lack of winter companion, the venues for both dates have agreed to throw open their doors to us with admission, food and bevvies on the house.

In case you're wondering WWMMS, she's on Team Elliott.  She said she's "sick of profanity"...sorry, Markley.

Make sure that you are following @stephenmarkley, @geektome, and @accidentallysxy to see the rivalry unfold!  We'll also let you know when the exact times are decided :)

So, boys, what do you say?


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  • This is priceless. Cannot wait to see how it unfolds.

  • Ana,
    I'm cleaning my 12 gauge and calling the West Virginia kin for a couple of bloodhounds. If either guy gets out of line he had better be able to swim across lake Michigan with a bear trap on his ankles.

  • In reply to AnasDad:


  • In reply to AnasDad:

    I'm thinkin' Dad needs his own ChicagoNow blog! I'm already taking notes for when my baby girl hits her young adult stage. :-)

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