Rehab in Chicago - America's Best Party

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(Photo Credit: GlitterGuts) Man, I look donkey!! At least, I have nice eyes :( But, Jacob looks HOT and he's newly single, ladies......

Rehab at Debonair is a troublemaker and Chicago should be proud to have it here.  I have been twice to Derek Berry and Richard Carrico's night of hipster mayhem and have had enough fun to keep me going for months!  It's no surprise that we are up for Paper Magazine's America's Best Party.  (I say "we", because this is our city and this is our party...that's how the Derek and DickyC want it.)



(Photo Credit: GlitterGuts) We're editing this one with a nicer face.......

Last Monday was the nomination party and there was no way I was going to miss it.  Jenny and I took her friend Joe from NYC and our newly single friend, Jake.  Rehab was the exact perscription for each of our varied fun needs.  We started the night off (as per Jenny and I's tradition) with a big pot of chili...we're all Midwestern like that.  From there, it was game on.


Things that happened...probably not in this order:

  • Derek Berry introduces himself to my table...I elbow him in the face.  Not just a bump.  It was a from-the-hip-help-I'm-being-attacked-in-a-dark-alley forceful jab in the eye.  FML.  Whatever...I should probably make people sign waivers.
  • There is a dj in Chicago who looks at me like he wants to douse me with gasoline and light me on fire whenever he sees me.  He gets stuck in people traffic enroute to the dancefloor.  I basically stare him down and force him to hug me.
  • I dance manically with my friend who is also dancing maniacally...I'm pretty sure we cleared a 10 ft area from flailing wingspan.  I regret nothing.
  • I take about 30 million photos at the Glitterguts booth, all of them should be destroyed.  And...let me say...I freakin' love Glitterguts.  I don't know if it's the lighting or what, but his photos are incredible, the colors are intense and the party moment is captured.  It took a lot of skill for me to ruin each and every one of his shots.

The next morning...

  • We all wake up at Jenny's.
  • Joe has to drive SIX hours to his parents' house.
  • Jenny wears her leotard to work and finds a stash of pizza rolls in her purse.
  • I immediately tweet GlitterGuts and challenge him to a rematch.
  • No hangovers.
  • Rehab is AMAZING!  Debonair is our CBGB.


Entry is free with RSVP, so become their fan on facebook.  Plus, there usually is an hour of complimentary champagne and PBR.  Tonight is the 99th Rehab and a continuation of the nomination party go celebrate!


And, please, support your city!  Vote for Rehab as America's Best Party!  You don't even have to register...just click and vote!



(Photo Credit: Justin Gill) Joe, Me, Jenny, Jake - If I come up missing, I'd question Jenny....motive = me posting this picture. I swear, the PBR cans were from the people sitting there before us!



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  • Debonair is NOT our CBGB, wash your mouth out with soap for even suggesting that. The Empty Bottle or Hideout or any other venue is much closer.

    However I'll agree with you on the point that Rehab is Chicago's best weekly party.

  • My fave line "I regret nothing." Story of my life on the dancefloor!!

    Sorry I have to disagree with you here..and I hope it doesn't end our Twitter friendship forever but..I HATE Debonair. Everything about it..I guess that's why I tweet under "haterface." HA. Congrats to Rehab though!

  • Thanks for the bangin' picture Ana. Well, I'm off to tag all of your really bad Glitterguts photos.

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