Don't steal boyfriends -- get your own Gavin Rossdale


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I have a dangerous attraction to very successful, charming men.  You know, the type of guy with swarms of women actively clamoring for his attention.  It's not that I'm insecure about my Number One status.  I can match my mate in wits and talent.  I look good on his arm.  I'm just as much of a catch as he is.  What concerns me, however, is the amount of temptation.  Every relationship fluctuates between strong and weak moments.  There will always be some girl willing to whisper "I won't tell".

This past week, my seventh grade dream hunk crush, Gavin Rossdale, was in town performing at the Dare To Dream benefit for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, followed by hosting a party at Underground.  The man has definitely aged well and I would venture to say is even hotter now than he was while fronting Bush.  Gavin, however, is married to one of the most beautiful and talented women in music.  She's a style icon and her albums are always seeping with monster pop anthems.  They've had two gorgeous children and Gwen has whipped her body back into goddess-like shape each time.  She's admired by women and lusted by men.  Gwen Stefani in every way deserves bagging a babe like Gavin.  Yet, at Underground (and I'm sure every place this man steps foot), women were chasing after Gwen's husband like bridesmaids after the bouquet. 

Girls, this is not okay!  You need to get your act together and discover your own Gavin.  If you know a guy is in a loving relationship with an incredible woman, you are being disrespectful and violating the very essence of girl code.  And, let me tell you, dating Karma does NOT forget such indiscretions. 

I am not so niave to think that cheating is anything but a two-way street.  Girls who allow themselves to be vehicles for a taken man's exploits, however, are not standing up for the sisterhood.  Come on, ladies!  We need to rally together on this one.  Guys can't stray if there are no arms willing to taken them in.  Who's to say that you won't be on the opposite side of this story once you've found your personal Adonis.

I'm not saying that Gavin Rossdale is cheating on Gwen Stefani.  I'm not saying that he responded inappropriately to any of the outrageously aggressive girls.  I am saying that girls shouldn't be trying so hard tug on someone else's prize.  You should work to find your own and keep him close.

I'm definitely not going to stop seeking these highly lusted (single) men.  I love being with a guy who can work a room just as well as I can.  I'm not initimidated by the fact that other girls are attracted to him.  I wouldn't date him if he wasn't worth dating.  He can smile and laugh his way around an entire room, as long as it is obvious to me and that room that his orbit begins and ends by my side. 


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  • Not sure if you want your own Gavin. It may come with a secret love child, which Gwen only found out about after they were married!

  • No, I gotcha. Knew what you meant.

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