Black Wednesday - Let's Party!

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Jenny and I at Angels & Kings

Omg...I think I just ran into someone I used to date.  I got on the train this morning and accidently bumped into a guy with my RedEye (yes, I really do read it daily).  I haven't thought about this person in a very long time, but as soon as I passed by him...I just knew.  Well, at least I think I did.  If not, I ran into someone who looked exactly like this other guy, but had a clean shaven face.  In any case, we didn't talk to each other, because he hurt me, I wasn't 100% sure it was him and I'm fabulous now!


The fact that it happened on Black Wednesday seems so poetic.  Not only was it a really important crossroads in our faux-lationship a year ago, but this is the day that you run into everyone you have ever known.  It's like a special wrinkle in time, deja vu, Twilight Zone day.  It just seems to make sense that we then proceed to drink ourselves into blackout tonight and eat ourselves into oblivion the following day.  I'll give thanks to that!


Last Black Wednesday, I went out with my best friend Jenny to Angels and Kings.  It was my first time there, but I'd been meaning to make a stop as part of my stalking gorgeous boys in bands repertoire.  The place was packed!  As I'm blabbing at Jenny, some tall Russian genius and a med student, I notice a guy walking towards me in the bar.  That internal conversation went something like this: "That looks just like Pete Wentz, but without all the makeup...Oh my god, that's actually Pete Wentz!"  By internal, I mean that I thought I was just thinking it, but in fact was saying it out loud..and directly in his face...because it was a crowded bar.  You see EVERYONE on Black Wednesday.


This year, I have such a plan for awesome and, if you are reading this, you should totally join me!  Hey, if you're following me on Twitter @accidentallysxy , I will send you my BB Pin!  I mean, you can even send me an e-mail!  I'm about to get really serious about fun tonight.  Here's where I'm going to be:

  • Kid Sister ( @kidsistermelisa ) is releasing her album tonight...finally!  And I couldn't be more excited about it!  The show is at House of Blues and features Flosstradamus ( @flosstradamus ), two babelicious hipster djs.  If you followed me this summer, you'll know that the Kid Sister & Flosstradamus show at DoDivision this summer was my absolute FAVORITE!  The tickets are $18, which is nothing considering Kid Sister is just about to blow up!  Show starts at 6:30 tonight.
  • THEN, I'm going to SuperFunParty at J-Bar.  I've been meaning to check it out since they started in June, but, if rumors are correct, this is one incredible party.  DJ Mano ( @djmano ) is the music director, which only means good things.  I pretty much stalked him and Hollywood Holt ( @hollywoodholt ) at this summer's festivals.  You just knew that if they were on the schedule, that day was going to be awesome.  Plus, Kid Sister is hosting!  Entry is FREE, FREE Guinness, FREE Belevedere Black Raspberry, FREE Hennessey Black.  Let's jump on some couches!


And, seriously, get in touch!


Have you had any embarrassing run-ins on Black Wednesday?


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  • OMG your Pete Wentz story CRACKS ME UP.

  • Ana failed to mention that Pete Wentz TOUCHED MY ARM!

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