Ana Goes To Faith & Whiskey

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DJ White Shadow and Me. "Well, he was playing the snake...and I was the goat." -- Huge points to whoever gets that reference

Wednesdays at Faith & Whiskey are always a good bet.  They have 40s served in brown paper bags for $6....for whatever reason, I really love this. of all...DJ White Shadow (!!!) has a weekly residence here.  It's a more low-key gig than his typical spots, so some nights you get to hear him experiment with new sounds and sets.


Last Wednesday, I was invited to a special tasting of the new whiskey cocktail menu at Faith & Whiskey.  There were two pretty good indicators that I was in for a good night:

  • When I walked in, I was handed a "Right Place, Right Time", which is essentially a beer and a shot of whiskey
  • The following conversation happened:
    • Bartender: Should we give them taster portions?
    • Owner: No, give them the full thing
    • Me: Awesome....
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Beginning of the night...

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End of the night...










I'm in no way a whiskey expert (the menu was created by Brad Bolt of Bar DeVille, so I'm sure they are genuinely great), but I can tell you that the Death's Hot Rod was probably my favorite.  Essentially, it's a margarita made with whiskey, so I would feel really sophisticated and exotic when ordering while still slamming them with the ease of Spring Break.


The rest of the night went a little like this:

  • I wore a dress that I last wore to mock trial in the 7th grade.
  • I took a beautiful guy to the tasting with me...score.
  • Whiskey makes me talk a bunch of crap.
  • Mexican food!


Girls, you need to get here on a Wednesday.  First of all, the general manager is hot.  I'm talking capital letters and about eight Ts at the end.  On top of being one of the top djs in the country, DJ White Shadow is tall (big points), stylish, interesting and a generally charming guy.  Hot guys go here and you look cool for knowing to go here. 


Moral of the Story: Go the Faith & Whiskey on a Wednesday.  Babe it up.  Bring your girls.  I'll be there...and, if you know what I'm referencing in my photo caption, I'll buy you a drink.



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