Dating and the Michael Buble Rule



If there are two things I've learned about dating, it's that there are way too many fish in the sea and it is waaaay too easy to snare one.  Each guy is so shiny and new with his unheard stories, unfelt lips and unseen living room.  Most times, out of pure curiosity, I find myself sitting in front of a cheese plate and a glass of wine, laughing at God-knows-what and imagining what his first move will be.  It's so great to be single!  There is always some sore of new mystery to unravel, some new corner to turn.  But...

After several coffees, exchanging stories about childhood, kissing in the darkness, someone is going to start thinking about "us".  This is the path of no return.  Even as I write this now, my vital organs appear to be shutting down in protest.  Every time you enter into an exclusive relationship, every time you call someone your boyfriend...that could be the last person you kiss...EVER.  Scared yet?

This is why I've created the Michael Buble rule.  To me, Michael Buble is the ultimate man.  He's tall with dark hair and dark eyes, he sings like Dean Martin and he has an incredible presence.  Yes, he is a celebrity.  Yes, he is lusted after by every woman with a heartbeat.  But, you never know what your life is going to bring you.  How do you know that this top-tier crush won't be sitting next to you on a plane next month?  Maybe you'll hit it off?  Maybe you're his type too and you just don't know it yet?  Life can toss you some pretty funny cards.

Now, what if all this falls into place and you have a boyfriend.  Good bye, his and her bath towels!  This is the reason for the Michael Buble rule.  Essentially, if I find myself nearing a (gasp!) relationship, I ask myself, "would I cheat on him with Michael Buble?"  If I have come to the realization that what I have with this guy is special, that most celebrities (and really just guys in general) are very disappointing and that I wouldn't want to risk losing that connection for seven minutes in heaven with my fantasy man, then I take the vital step into Girlfriend Land and pray that I am never within five miles of that Canadian crooner.  However, if I would still be all over Buble like a kid on Christmas Day, I change my away message to "finally joined the commune" and throw my phone into Lake Michigan...let's face it, I suck at break ups.

Who is your Michael Buble?


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  • That's an easy one: Elliot Serrano of 'Geek to Me'

  • ditto what Stephen Markley said.

  • My ears were burning. Someone mention my name?

  • I LOOOVE Michael Bubl

  • I think it should be a standard rule in any relationship that each person gets a Get Out of Jail Free card with one celebrity each; If you meet your one celebrity and have a chance to have a fling with him or her, your significant other has to allow it and forgive you.

  • All I have to say is thank goodness I was single when I met mine.

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