I've got the world on a string

For this Blogapalooz-hour, the topic is name a point or time in your life where you were at your best. The first thing that came into my mind was Frank Sinatra’s song I’ve got the world on a string

Right now, I am growing a business. I’ve stepped away from emergency services dispatching and am building my future. I’m tired of working just to stay alive. I want to be financially secure, so this is my new venture!

Wait, you say! You don’t have a regular job, and yet you say you have the world by a string? Why yes I do! I have every possibility in front of me to succeed. I have chosen to live my life the way I want to.

Making that first decision to step away from a job I had been at for 10 years was extremely difficult in so many ways that it baffles my mind. I was scared. Very scared! Yet, I did it. Then, an opportunity presented itself that very same week to become what I have always to be. So, I have the ball and I am running with it.

This is the point where I consider myself being my best. I can either lie down and get caught up in all the negativity, or I can get up, dust myself off and move on, teaching, helping and giving to others who need it. That’s why we are here. The acts of giving and helping others have truly lost their meanings over the years. The world is getting crazier, let’s be there to lend a hand.

This is like riding a bike. If you crash, like I did, you get back up. You have to, otherwise you are stranded where you are (unless you need medical attention, then that’s a different story).

Life crashes into you. You fall. You have the choice: get back up on the bike or lay there and expect others to come to your aid.

I chose to get back up.

And ride,

And ride some more.

That’s why I am The Accidental Cyclist.


Be safe!


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