This is the I wish I knew then cycling edition

This is the I wish I knew then cycling edition
Sunday TDF 35 miles

Once a month, the group of Chicago Now bloggers do an exercise called “Blogapalooz-Hour”. We are given a topic, and we need to write about, and publish, within an hour. Tonight’s topic is to write about something you know now that you wish you had known then. I can think of so many topics that it was hard for me to write on one. This is the I wish I knew then cycling edition

The Road To Success

The Road To Success

With this being a blog on cycling, I thought it’d only be appropriate to write about that. But, what do I know now what I wish I had known then in cycling?

Oh, let me count the things:


You love them, or you hate them. I always hated them, only because of me riding a “fixie” in high school. It was my only means of transportation at the time, and I was not clever enough to figure out that gears are on a bike to make it easier, as I know now.


Totino’s Party Pizzas, Domino’s, McDonald’s, you know, the junk food staples. That was my diet back then, and I carried it into my early adult years, and now that I am nearing 50, I have finally figured out what to eat, and what not to eat.


I always hated having to do things. As any teen would know, having to do chores after school, on the weekends, whatever, it sucked. Now that I am grown up, I understand the importance of dedication and discipline. Had I followed my dream of wanting to race bikes in high school, I would have quit smoking then and really dedicated myself to what I truly wanted.

That’s only three, but I could go on. I will stop now, but will continue to think of things after I hit the publish button. That’s ok though, as I am sure you too have those memories as well. Cherish them, hold on to them because you will learn from them.

Until next time, be safe riding!


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