When training becomes difficult

I've been riding now for about 3 years, and each year I usually ride for an event that is lengthy. When training becomes difficult for various reasons, I struggle to stay focused and dedicated. It's not that I lose interest in riding, I just have those days where getting on the bike is so hard, I'd rather go back to bed for the rest of the day, well at least until I need to go to work.

That's another obstacle for me; work. I don't work Monday thru Friday 8-5. My weekends rotate forward every 4 weeks and I work 3pm-11pm. Yes, I have the whole morning and it's the ideal opportunity to train. It just doesn't happen all the time.

Today, I put the bike on the trainer, because in Chicago, it could be sunny and 80 one day, the next, it's cloudy and 40. Then the back derailleur started skipping gears and wouldn't stay put, which means it's time to take it into the shop for a tune up. Well, actually the Mrs's bike needs a tune up too, so it's really a great time to have that done. I did take the bike off of the trainer and outside for a spin, so at least I did get some time in today.

Then, there is the "diet" portion of the training. And you know what really sucks? When you have gotten on the scale for the last 3 weeks and the numbers are climbing. I was doing so good too, eating well, losing weight, feeling better. Then, vacation. That all went out the window, but really, I can't blame the vacation totally, because I was gaining weight before it started. Now I have to start all over again and be more disciplined and focused.

This year, I am riding in the #bikeMS Tour De Farms charity ride, June 25th and 26th. This will be my 3rd event, and my goal this year is 100 miles on Saturday and at least 35 on Sunday. I know that I can do at least 86 miles, because I did that for the TriState ride back in August. That ride, I feel, was a training ride as well because I learned about proper nutrition and what I needed to last the whole day and not bonk, like I did in '14 at the TDF ride.

I'll get going, and Ill get over this bump. I always do. I also have a great support system at home which keeps me motivated and going.

I wasn't going to ride today, but was going to blog. I was told that I needed to ride, not write. So, I did just that. I rode. Then, I wrote.

Until next time!


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