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Tony Stewart cleared of manslaughter charges

I don’t care who you are, a death in racing is still a tragedy. This comes in the recent news of Tony Stewart cleared of manslaughter charges in the death of Kevin Ward Jr. I understand, racing is racing. There will be retaliation, spin outs and what not. Tony in his earlier career was not... Read more »

Buyer's remorse; my rant

Used to be, when you made a purchase, either large or small, if you didn’t like it, you could return it with no questions asked. Seems like lately, though, when you do make a large purchase, the merchant, whether local or regional, isn’t too concerned about your satisfaction and keeping you as a loyal customer as... Read more »

When an obstacle can be a good thing

My wife and I have been training for a local charity ride called The Pumpkin Pedal. It’s sponsored by the Special Olympics of Illinois, and it’s a nice way to give back to those who need it. It’s also a family fun event. During this training, we have been doing well and staying on track. I’m... Read more »

4 easy tips to stay on track with your training

4 easy tips to stay on track with your training
Face it, we’ve all been there before. You need to lose a few pounds, or you just want to start getting in shape, and you’re all gung-ho in the beginning, but then you find yourself back at the beginning: nothing lost, possibly more gained. So I’ve created a list: 4 easy tips to stay on... Read more »