You've wandered into my life and moved my soul

My darling Sexy Beast,

I hope this letter finds you resting well after our long weekend together. It was a weekend of triumphs and defeats, and through it all, you were the one that helped me push myself to places I hadn't been.

You've wandered into my life and moved my soul.

Though seeing your supple curves, the way you move and the way you spoke to me, like you have done so many times before, reminded me of your eagerness and ability. Oh how I long for those times when there was no barriers; just you and me, together as one.

I remember the first time I saw you, that cold winter’s day. Though it was cold outside, where you stood was like a glowing fireplace. That’s the moment when I realized that you were made for me.

The time that we have spent together, I cherish dearly. The days that were warm and sunny, and the cooler days are also fresh in my mind. The autumn leaves, the smell of smoke coming from a distance. The crunch of the leaves and the sun shining through the bare limbs of the oaks and maples.

I remember the times we would run along the crushed limestone trails and dodge chipmunks as they crossed our path, and the hills we would climb together, each one of us pushing the other to the top, then laughing all the way down the other side, going as fast as we could go.

I think back to the time I fell, and you were right there with me, holding me the whole time. You take such good care of me.

These are the times I remember when I am feeling low, and alone.

I’ve done and seen a lot with you, my dearest, and I so look forward to all the times we spend together in the future, for ours is a future worth spending together.

Thank you for being with me in all my times of doubt and failure. You have carried me further than I have ever gone.

Eternally yours,


My Darling Sexy Beast

My Darling Sexy Beast









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