When the bike just feels really good

This has been a difficult time for me this year. I earlier wrote about how depression can ruin your training and how to climb out of that rut. It's been an uphill struggle for me to really get going, but there are those days when the bike just feels really good.

I've onlt been riding short distances, 9 miles or less, but the last couple of days, my daughter has tagged along with me. It was a pleasure to have her with me as we rode around "The Hill", our subdivison. We started off with a slow 4 and 1/2 mile jaunt yesterday, where my son also tagged along. I wore regular shorts and kind of aggrivated my sensative spot where I got a blister during last year's Tour de Farms ride, and it was a little sore on today's ride.

After a few minutes warming up at a high cadence, things seemed to be getting easier. I could sit just about anywhere on my saddle and not feel too much pain, and what ever pain I did feel eventually dissapated.


I started to really feel what the bike was doing, how the road felt under the tires and was actually able to let go of the handlebars to fix my bibs and the bike, or "Sexy Beast", stayed true to course.

This day, this ride, helped me reignite my passion for riding. It also reminded me why I am doing this. It's for all those who live with MS everyday.

I am riding for them.

If you are up to it, why don't you head out to the NIU convocation center Saturday June 21st to cheer me on. I'd love to see everybody and I promise you will have a great time! You can also volunteer by visiting the Illinois Chapter event webpage.

If you want to follow me via social media: Twitter: @accidental dave; Facebook: The Accidental Cyclist. Ill be sharing progess via Twitter, so be sure to follow me to get the updates through out the day.

Keep the wheels turning,


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