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When the bike just feels really good

This has been a difficult time for me this year. I earlier wrote about how depression can ruin your training and how to climb out of that rut. It’s been an uphill struggle for me to really get going, but there are those days when the bike just feels really good. I’ve onlt been riding... Read more »

3 ways to overcome depression during training

We’ve all been there. Cruising right along, then WHAM! Everything comes to a grinding halt. Depression kicks in and totally ruins your “groove”. There are several types of depression, I am no master of any knowledge, but I have found 3 ways to overcome depression during training. 1. Diet This can be the biggest factor... Read more »

I have found 5 things that can sabotage your training

Update: With the training season in full swing, I thought I would republish this for those who are struggling to get motivated. Mainly myself. Enjoy! If you’re like me, and you haven’t been active all your life, you find exercising to be difficult. Staying focused, committed and on track are all things needed to have... Read more »