You need to be at the bottom of the valley before going up the hill


Love it or leave it. I would prefer to leave it. Why do I loathe it so much? Probably because I’ve never been good at it. Haven’t been taught how to train properly and well enough for whatever I am training for. There comes a point and time where you need to be at the bottom of the valley before going up the hill.

I am at the bottom.

Good news is, I can only go up from here. Of course, I could stay and linger in the food joints down here in the valley, but reaching that peak will only be that much harder to reach.

We bought a year’s membership to a local gym. It has a “design your own plan” class where a personal trainer will work with you. You need to tell them your goal, any issues you have or had, in my case a herniated disc, and they will write something up for you. Pretty nice huh?

Well I signed up for one of those classes, and wimped out.

I know, I know. Buck up baby. Quit being such a pansy and get your butt in gear!

I also signed up for a free Century Ride training program on a fitness app. It started today with a rest day. Hey, that was easy to do! Tomorrow, is an 8 mile ride on a hilly course.

Ok, 8 miles is nothing. I blasted 18 on the trainer the other day.

So what is my deal? Why aren’t I able to get this train moving? Maybe I’m waiting for warmer weather, maybe I’m waiting for my “Ah-Ha!” moment to hit? I am really not sure, but whatever it is, it is going to have to catch up to me because I can’t sit and wait any longer!

So, tomorrow is an 8 mile planned day.

I’ll keep you posted.

Hell, I may even venture outside. Nah, I’ll stick to the trainer.

Good rides!


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