Miss Polly greeted me with a wagging tail and prancing paws

The whimpering escalated into howls and puppy barks as the lights in the house were shut off one by one to draw the evening to a close. Yawning and stretching, I made my way into the bedroom after finally giving up on the game that was to be a “Super Bowl”, if that’s what you want to call it. Listening to the noises coming from the medium sized blue kennel that was in the kitchen, I was hoping that Polly would settle in for the night and quiet down.

She was not having any part of that.

I climbed into the flannel sheets and my head hit the pillow with a thump. I stared at the clock while listening to her pleas to come join us humans in the far side of the house. Thoughts of this blog and the trip to save a life rushed through my mind. All I wanted at this point was to be unconscious for as long as possible.

The noises were not ceasing so I got up and used a technique to quiet the little girl down, which worked quite well. We keep a spray bottle full of water to deter unwelcomed behaviors amongst the animals, and it seemed to work.

The next morning, Miss Polly greeted me with a wagging tail and prancing paws. I could tell she was happy to be where she was. We went about or morning, feeding and pooping and peeing. The dogs that is. Being only 12 weeks old, she was doing fairly well in going outside, though she did have a few accidents, but after all, she is still a pup.

As I awoke from a nap prior to getting ready for work later that same day, the missus tells me that while she was scheduling Polly’s visit to “doc’s”, the assistant said she knew of a lady who was looking for a new dog, and that Polly sounded like a perfect match.

My wife sent a few pictures via text message, and within minutes, the prospective adopter was speaking with my bride. She said when she first saw the pictures, she fell in love instantly. Her older dog, Bailey, is a 15 year old Golden Retriever who is having issues with arthritis, but still gets along fairly well and would love having Polly as a sibling.

We scheduled a day and time to bring Polly out to the adopter who lives on a farm and boards horses. This was in close proximity to the vet’s office, so we thought we could run her over, let them meet her, then drop her off at “doc’s” where he would spay her, and give her the proper vaccinations and such.

Pulling  into a driveway that was lined with evergreens and pine trees, we followed it behind the old two story farm house that had buildings and barns in various places behind the residence. We were greeted by Polly’s potential new mom, and instantly, Polly was happy to see her. With kisses abound, she wagged her tail and I swear I saw a smile on that pup’s face.

Polly roamed  the house and got used to the smells, and it was almost as if she had already lived there. She wasn’t skittish, wasn’t shy and bounced from room to room checking everything out. She picked up some stuffed animals Bailey had on her bed and was playing them, almost as if they were her own. We finished the paperwork, loaded her up and then dropped her off at the vet’s office.

This was the shortest time fostering a dog in our short career. Maybe that was a good thing, because I could see myself getting attached to that little fuzz ball, or “fluffy” as my daughter called her.

Tonight, Polly is resting comfortably in her new home with her new family. I don’t know if she will ever remember her first few weeks and that house in Missouri. I can only pray the love that is given to her now, erases that time from her memory, so she can fully love and feel loved.

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