I have found 5 things that can sabotage your training

Update: With the training season in full swing, I thought I would republish this for those who are struggling to get motivated. Mainly myself.


If you’re like me, and you haven’t been active all your life, you find exercising to be difficult. Staying focused, committed and on track are all things needed to have a successful program. I've read books, I've watched videos on YouTube. It's all good in theory.

I have found 5 things that can sabotage your training

  1. Motivation.
  2. Determination
  3. Commitment
  4. Discipline
  5. Time


Oh, I am motivated to exercise, but see 3 and 4.


I am determined to do the walking, indoor training and all, but sometimes, I am more determined to watch TV.


A lot of people depend on me for fund raising and riding. I need to stay committed.


This, I am sorry to say, escapes me. I can only make myself do something so many times, like eat the chocolate, drink the pop, eat the whole pizza instead of the recommended servings. These things, I have no problem with.


Yeah, I work 3-11pm. I have all the time in the world in the morning to train. Again, see 3 and 4.

Among these items, but I didn’t list, is injury. During my whole lower back episode, I have packed on the pounds, because I cannot move to burn the calories needed to maintain my weight. It’s been a vicious circle, and I’m ready for it to stop.


I keep eating because I am bored, because I can’t exercise, because I can’t move, then I become bored.

You get the idea.

All I can do for now is plan. Plan for a successful training season, because in cycling, there really is never an off season. You just switch from outdoors to indoors.

My back is better with ibuprofen. The steroids didn’t work, and I am waiting to hear from my primary care on which spinal specialist I am going to go see.

Until then, it’s the circle.


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