Things to do while your back heals.

If anyone is following my Facebook page, you would have noticed I am dealing with some lower back issues. I slipped on some ice, say, twenty years ago, and was just referred to a chiropractor. Anyway, he told me I had a bulged disc, and upon looking this up through Google, it's quite a common injury.

Ok, so I've been to him twice, followed his recommendations for exercises. In the mean time, what else do I have to do? Can't ride. I can walk, but not for very long. I've caught up on shows like Downton Abbey, and it's quite good, I might add. So, what else is there to do? Blog? Write? Things to do while your back heals. I know, make videos of your foster dog being chased by a blue barrell.

Yes. A blue barrell.

Mitzi's Blue Barrell Fun!

See, she seems to be having fun tugging this thing around.

And around.

It's quite humorous to watch. In the mean time, if anyone is interested in adopting Mitzi, click here. The page will open then scroll down to her bio. There is another YouTube video of her playing ball.

So that about wraps up this posting. Not much to say, but had to share this video with everyone.

Have a great weekend!



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