Would You Die For A Smartphone App?

During my search for the perfect cycling application last year, I did some research, and had read some not so good reports about Strava. It seemed like a good app at the time, had all the functions I was looking for plus it had the whole group, or social, challenges attached to it, which is good for keeping one motivated.

Some of the postings on blog sites and such said that Strava was not good for the occasional cyclist and that a lot of “slamming” of weaker riders was the norm. I didn’t want to put myself in a situation where to be motivated I needed to be spoken to by a Marine Corps drill sergeant. I’m not slamming Strava, or the creators, and users of this app, I am simply amazed at the information I have just read.

As an enthusiast, I subscribe to a magazine about cycling. Bicycling magazine is a wealth of knowledge and tips on riding, training and new products. In the latest publication, there is an article on the app, Strava, and some quite disturbing information about some of the users of this app.

After finishing the article, I sat on my couch wondering why some of these riders would put pedestrian’s lives, and their own life in danger just to beat someone else’s record. I understand wanting to best your personal record, but come on people, let’s use some common sense here.

Speeding down a street that is congested with vehicles and pedestrians, disregarding traffic control devices, then ultimately killing someone while they were crossing the street is well beyond the realm of using common sense. Pure stupidity if you ask me.

The initial story is centered on a man who was a brilliant individual. His story was that someone beat his own record on a section of road, a dangerous one in fact, and he wanted to beat that person’s record. As he was descending, he took a turn too wide and then hit an SUV head on, crushing his chest. He eventually passed away.

I guess I don’t understand why these riders are so careless with their own lives. Just for bragging rights on a social app. Yeah, I like to brag about records I have set, but they are my own personal records and I won’t put myself in danger to beat someone else’s record.

Would you be willing to put your life in danger, and possibly other’s lives in danger, just to have a title on a smartphone application?

Would you die for a smartphone app?

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