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Sometimes, it's nice to just get on the bike and ride.

I woke up before the alarm, which was a surprise. Even the dogs and cats were still asleep. I rubbed my eyes, reached over and grabbed my phone to check on the temperature. A cool 62 is what was being reported. I rolled out of bed, did my normal morning stuff then got dressed. Figuring... Read more »

Training and obsessing are two different things. Guess which one I did?

The name of this blog, The Accidental Cyclist, came about because I “accidentally” became a cyclist. Not because I crash alot. I have only crashed once, and that was because I couldnt unclip fast enough. It was my first ride with clipless pedals. As my first post pointed out, I was invited to meet my... Read more »

Welcome To The First Entry

Hi and welcome to my blog on Chicago Now. First and foremost, I claim no professional knowledge in the sport of cycling, and these opinions are my own. I am not a doctor and I will only offer my own stories of medical issues, i.e. injuries, remedies for said injuries, etc. I am just a... Read more »