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A Father’s Gifts

So, today, I’m not writing about accessibility, or even Chicago. Today is Father’s Day. It is the 26th one without my dad. I can’t really remember his voice anymore. I remember his face, thanks to pictures. I remember his words, at least some of them. But today, when there have been more Father’s Days without... Read more »

Redefining Dance--Bodies of Work Chicago Festival of Disability Arts and Culture

When I think of dance, I think of Gene Kelly and his athletic style. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and their beautiful partnership. And thanks to Bodies of Work, a festival of Disability Arts and Culture that has been everywhere in Chicago for the last couple of weeks, I also think of Ginger Lane. And Kris Lenzo.... Read more »

Boccia or the Beach?

What a great weekend in Chicago for disability sport. Whether you fancy taking a kayak for a spin at Osterman Beach and working on your tan, or whether some indoor air conditioned action is more your speed…you’re covered! This year’s Beyond the Waters Beach Party will kick off this Sunday, July 28 at Osterman Beach, 6800... Read more »